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Welcome to Stead McAlpin

Located in Cummersdale, England and with a textile heritage dating back to 1835, Stead McAlpin is the most versatile fabric printer in the UK manufacturing rotary, flatbed, and digital prints for many of the finest design-led home furnishing, upholstery, apparel, and geotechnical brands on the market.  We work closely with our customers both nationwide and throughout the world at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure a first-class product.

At Stead McAlpin, we not only specialise in rotary printing, flatbed printing, digital printing, dyeing and finishing high quality furnishing, apparel, and geotextile fabrics, but we also offer a unique combination of traditional skills, cutting-edge digital technology, and innovative thinking.  Our versatile package allows customers direct involvement and the chance to develop their designs and colour ways within the context of the production process all in one place resulting in a finished product of a very high standard. 

Our sales team has extensive knowledge of the printed and finished textile and geotextile trade and maintains close contact with our customers.  Stead McAlpin prints for the most prestigious names in the furnishing trade, and many of our customers have been associated with us for a considerable number of years.  This sense of partnership, with its traditional values of high quality and excellent service, is central to our business.  So too, is our determination to be at the forefront of technology, always ready to respond with fresh and innovative thinking.  If you would like to know more about our range of services, please contact the sales managers at our Cummersdale Printing Works.