Textile Design EntrepreneurTextile Design EntrepreneurTextile Design EntrepreneurTextile Design EntrepreneurTextile Design EntrepreneurTextile Design Entrepreneur

Textile Design Entrepreneur

Textile Design Entrepreneur

A huge opportunity awaits the successful applicant for this role. Based at Stead McAlpin in Carlisle, we are a textile printer, dyer and finisher with a strong heritage and a highly skilled workforce. We are looking for someone who wants to kick-start their career as a Textile Designer wanting to produce their own range of fabrics.

In September 2017, the company in collaboration with AVA CAD/CAM launched the Christopher Soper Design Studio with the aim of encouraging the start-up process for enterprising new textile design businesses.

The Stead McAlpin/AVA  CAD CAM partnership offers the following opportunity for an 18 month period:

  • Free work premises to set your business up in – your own office space at Stead McAlpin’s Cummersdale print works.
  • Free and Full access to the latest AVA CAD CAM textile design software within the Design Studio.
  • Free training on AVA CAD/CAM software.
  • Free Social media and website marketing and promotional support from AVA CAD CAM.
  • Free national and international exposure at Stead McAlpin attended trade shows where the company has booked space to exhibit.
  • Full access to the latest digital print and textile processing techniques at significantly discounted rates for the duration of the placement.
  • Free shop space in our popular Stead McAlpin Mill Shop for your printed product.
  • Free Warehousing and stock management of your printed product.
  • Full design ownership and intellectual property right retention of your designs. (The product must be printed at Stead McAlpin for the designs life cycle)
  • Support in your business plan.

The successful applicant will be responsible for the following for the duration of the placement:

  • Your own living expenses.
  • Any marketing costs outside of the offer from AVA CAD CAM above
  • Any art and stationary supply costs.
  • Any shipping costs.
  • Any costs associated with managing your business e.g. tax advice, accounting costs etc.

This amazing offer will provide a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone with a post school qualification in textile design to design and produce fabrics carrying their own unique style and signature. This career start in an organisation renowned for its quality and craftsmanship, converting design into beautiful fabrics will be a highly sought after position.

Other Qualifying Requirements:

  • Some experience of working with textile design software such as photoshop, nedgraphics, AVA etc
  • Computer literacy.
  • A demonstrable portfolio of textile design work
  • The offer excludes applicants with pre-existing brands with a market presence however other professional qualifications and industry experience will be considered on an individual basis?

Apply by submitting your CV to: enquiries@steadmcalpin.co.uk before 10th November 2017.

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