Innovation and Experience
A market leader in the textile sector, Stead McAlpin prints, dyes and finishes fabrics for clients globally, including many top brand names in interior design. Since our inception in 1835, it has been our aim to combine innovation and new technology with the knowledge born of experience in the industry, resulting in a quality product and unrivalled service to our customers.

Quality Production
Our modern factory near Carlisle offers flat and rotary screen printing, digital printing, dyeing and specialist finishing, with all the ancillary services (e.g. bleaching, sampling and quality control) as you would expect. This, combined with the expertise of our skilled and experienced staff, ensures that our finished products are of the highest quality.

Unrivalled Service
Our service to customers is unrivalled. We offer excellent on-site studio facilities to our clients and work closely with them throughout the production process to ensure designs are developed to their ultimate potential.

Moving Forward
Always striving to move ahead, we keep abreast of the latest technology and we continually search for ways to improve our operational techniques. We offer screen printing for runs as short as 100 metres, widths up to 1.6 metres and 25 colours. Our digital printing facility promises immense versatility, and we continue to provide a full range of facilities from design interpretation, colour separation and screen engraving through to fabric preparation, printing and a range of specialist finishes. Finished goods are warehoused and ultimately despatched in line with our customers’ requirements.

Screen Printing