Colouring & SamplingColouring & SamplingColouring & SamplingColouring & SamplingColouring & SamplingColouring & Sampling

Colouring & Sampling

The team of colour separation artists in our studio can produce art work in a huge range of styles and techniques, and their ‘hand-drawn’ skills preserve the original essence and character of a design.  For more complex designs, our advanced computer-aided designs separations system will accurately interpret tone, shading, gradation and complicated textures.  As well as bringing speed and absolute accuracy to colour separation, the system makes it easier to modify designs.

Stead McAlpin’s experienced colourists work closely with our customers from initial sampling to the final printed product.  We use a comprehensive colour atlas, containing approximately 11,000 individual cloth colour chips.  This is incorporated into our own ‘in-house’ computerised colour graphics system, generating an infinite number of options.  Our colour graphics service is available free to all our customers.  Customers can experiment with any number of colour ways and quickly receive a hard copy to help them reach a final decision.  They can then request fabric samples that will accurately match the finished product.